Acclaimed writer Stella Paul takes us on a tragicomic tour of what’s gone missing in America, during our Golden Age of Hope and Change. With the biting wit familiar to readers of American Thinker, Stella unleashes a barrage of one-liners that summon up the lost world of American greatness.

In chapters ranging from Having Money to Truth to Journalism, Stella inventories the American treasures have been snatched from under our noses.  To read What I Miss About America is to time travel to the age of American confidence and achievement, and to realize the extent to which our country has been fundamentally transformed.

But What I Miss About America does more than document what we’ve lost; it provides inspiration to get it back.  “I’ve had a lifelong love affair with America, and I’m not quitting now.  There’s nowhere else to go,” writes Stella Paul.  “Let’s figure out exactly what we’re missing, so we can rebuild and restore it. And next time, let’s keep a closer watch on our national treasures.”

Quotes from

  • When the American Dream wasn’t Food Stamps and Disability
  • A government that doesn’t push junk science, junk bonds, and TSA agents who touch your junk
  • When ObamaCare wasn’t shovel-ready for Grandma
  • Food prices that don’t skyrocket and NASA space missions that do
  • Filling up my gas tank for less than the GNP of Burundi
  • A president with more financial credibility than an email scam from Nigeria
  • High schools dispensing knowledge, not condoms
  • Female teachers not running away with male students and having their babies
  • Media not automatically siding with America’s enemies
  • Hearing about national security leaks and not thinking, “There goes the president again.”
  • Rules of Engagement that actually let our soldiers shoot the bad guys
  • A president outraged by defamation of America, not of Islam
  • A president whose background isn’t more closely guarded than the formula for Coke
  • Free Speech for everyone, even Jews, Christians and straight white males
  • Writing this line without the government reading it

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News and Comments

Stella Paul works on the heart, mind, soul, and gut levels, all at once, letting us realize how much we are in the process of losing.
Thomas Lifson, Editor, American Thinker

Given that The Fates decided to condemn us to live in a Post-American America, at least we have Stella Paul who consistently reminds us that it is possible to laugh through the tears at what we've become. And not just laugh - shriek with recognition at her descriptions of how we'd say it if only we were insanely clever and insightful.
Lori Lowenthal Marcus, U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press.

"Enter Stella Paul, author of the newly published gem entitled What I Miss About Ameri!ca: Reflections from the Golden Age of Hope and Change. Stella’s pithy sayings capture the angst of Americans who are angry and terrified at what this President has wrought during his first term.
Purchase What I Miss About Amer!ca and pass it along to your friends, neighbors and relatives. It is an important wake-up call if you sincerely believe that “America is worth fighting for.

Eileen Toplansky, Writer, American Thinker